What is Foundry-Trading?

Foundry-Trading is the portal for traders through which you can find new suppliers and customers worldwide. By placing an invitation of tenders worldwide you have the opportunity of advertising the exact nature of your envisaged purchase anonymously and free of charge. You will no longer have to resort to the usual time-consuming browsing through internet catalogues and web-sites in search of a low-cost offer. Simply have the offers matching your search sent to you. Decide which supplier you would like to purchase your raw materials, goods or services from. You will find new customers via Foundry-Trading by consulting the invitations of tenders by other users. Foundry-Trading offers a simple, low-cost instrument optimizing your options of purchase within the global trade market. Take part in the globalisation processes and you will be able to profit from them.


Access, use, fees

Guest status: As a visitor you may view all entries in Foundry-Trading. User status: Simply register free of charge to enter your own invitations of tenders. Customer status: For an annual registration fee of 120 Euro you may also contact other users. The number of contacts is unlimited. Invitations of tenders are published anonymously, to contact other users fill in a contact form.


Invitations of tenders and terms and conditions

The invitation of tenders is published anonymously. The wording of your entry, any pictures or technical drawings attached must not disclose the name of the company placing the invitation. The accepted general terms and conditions apply. Entries must not violate the law or offend common decency. Any violation thereof may result in the instant removal of your entry by the administrator. Foundry-Trading is an international trading portal, we therefore recommend you place all your entries in English. Should you require any assistance with the translation of your original text, you can contact us by mail.


Contact form

The Foundry-Trading contact form enables you to get in touch with the client who has placed his or her invitation of tenders. Foundry-Trading will forward your request together with the data on your registration form to the client you wish to contact. Any further communication between the supplier and the client who has placed the invitation takes place on your own responsibility.



To qualify for the supplier status you will have to pay an annual fee of 120 Euro in addition to registering with us. For a swift and effective access we recommend payment by invoice. After confirmation of payment you have immediate access to our extended customer contact pages.


Protection of the individual against infringement of his or her rights through storage of computerized data

Foundry-Trading secures all data according to the valid rules and regulations of the data protection act. The entries are anonymous.


Technical requirements

To ensure a fully-functioning interaction with Foundry-Trading session cookies (temporary cookies) should be accepted. JavaScript must be activated.